Getting to know wood from 8 years old. I had the first scar from the first time. I still explore the entire universe of woodworking, making simple, beautiful and functional furniture becomes my passion.

Furniture made by me


2007 to prensent


Blackwood Blanket Chest



Bog Oak Bench


Dinosaur Cabinet



Ebony Blanket Chest




Ebony Wall Cabinet


Flower Wall Cabinet



Jichumu Side Tables


Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture


Scroll Case

2002 to 2006

1.Imbuya Bench


2.Beaver Bench

3.Wenge Dining Chair


4.Cloud Cabinet

5.Bog Cedar Blanket Chest




7.Rosewood Sideboard


8.Drop Front Desk


9.Ebony Desk


10.Ipe Chair


11. Rosewood Side Table

1997 to 2002

1.Oak Sideboard


2.White Cabinet


3.Thorn Cabinet


4.Imbuya Cabinet


5.Spider Cabinet


6.Voodoo Cabinet


7.Daisy Cabinet

1991 – 1997

1.Display Cabinet

2.Satinwood Box

3.Rosewood Box

4.Pearwood Cabinet